Now is the time to address the crucial challenges to our Mission so that HM is poised for the future. HM in Motion will position the school for continued success in attracting and retaining the highest quality faculty members and providing a preeminent N-12 education in the liberal arts and sciences. A significant investment in facilities is crucial to our continued capacity to prepare students “to lead great and giving lives.”

The investment to realize HM in Motion is far beyond the revenues available from tuition income and other current sources of funding. Only through a community effort of extraordinary gifts can we achieve our ambitious but carefully crafted plan.



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As of April  16, 2019


Our planned facilities and renovations are designed to support students who will play a leadership role in a fast-paced and ever-changing world; a leadership role that will require an approach to problem solving that is as analytical and well-informed as it is innovative and transformative.

Thomas M. Kelly, Ph.D.

Head of School

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