HM in Motion has reworked the north side of campus, bringing synergy to the quad and enhancing the learning environment for our students. The keystone of our master plan is a building which houses Upper Division Science and a Campus Center. This building seamlessly connects to a new pool and updated Prettyman Hall, through which students can easily access the east and south sides of campus. Additional community space provides a home-like atmosphere in which our students can continue to develop and foster important interpersonal skills and lasting friendships.

The new science facility provides space for the Upper Division science program. In addition, Pforzheimer Hall will be renovated in the summer of 2019 to accommodate and enhance our Middle Division science program. The new and renovated science facilities are designed and equipped to support basic and advanced courses in established and emerging disciplines that students require for contemporary and future science literacy and research. In addition, the flexibility of the spaces ensures that the new facility will serve the needs of the school far into the future as the curriculum evolves. An expanded menu of electives includes organic chemistry, biochemistry, and comparative anatomy and physiology, with new course offerings added each fall.

New Science Facility Highlights

  • The easily transformable spaces support teaching science in new and different ways with an emphasis on actively engaging students in daily coursework.
  • Nine Upper Division teaching labs and six seminar classrooms provide flexibility for how we teach courses, configured for classroom or laboratory work at any moment.
  • Our student/faculty research lab is large enough for 34 students and/or faculty members to conduct independent research projects concurrently.

Pforzheimer Hall Renovation Highlights

  • By moving Upper Division Science to the new facility, the space it currently occupies in Pforzheimer Hall will be reimagined to support Middle Division Science. These renovations will take place in the summer of 2019, to minimize disruption to the Middle Division students, faculty, and staff.
  • The new, well-purposed spaces will alleviate scheduling issues and allow for creative learning during science classes, electives, and clubs.
  • One floor will provide six Middle Division teaching labs and two additional areas for HM’s John Dorr Nature Laboratory related projects.
  • The renovations will allow the Middle Division to offer and support a variety of cross-disciplinary electives in a less crowded atmosphere.
  • Additional space can be used for general classrooms, Middle Division meeting and conference areas, and additional storage.

It is really wonderful to walk through Lutnick and see students enjoying their new space – you can see students in labs excited about doing science… Lutnick Hall is an incredibly dynamic space where science is visible, and engaging with science here is energizing for students and teachers alike.

Lisa Rosenblum, Ph.D.

Upper Division Science Department Chair

Our Campus Center resides on the first floor of the new three-story Upper Division science building. The Campus Center has become the hub of student life during the day and provides a safe and environmentally-conscious facility after school hours. This space is geared toward the overall well-being of our students, as socially-confident students are better learners and leaders. Some of the best collaborative work is accomplished in unstructured time and space.

New Campus Center Highlights

  • A large gathering space for group studying and socializing fosters a greater sense of community and gives rise to increased opportunities for interaction between students and adults, while allowing the Library to return to a quiet study space.
  • The Campus Center features meeting rooms, media rooms, a student publications suite, and dedicated space to support clubs and extracurricular activities. It is also home to our Center for Community Values and Action.
  • The new space has enhanced the experience of every member of our community—our students, our alumni, our parents, and our faculty and staff members—who now have a common place to interact.

Our students are deeply invested in the passionate exchange of ideas. They debate, persuade, argue, and collaborate, in our classrooms, hallways, and on our playing fields. The dialogue never stops, whether it’s in person or in print. The Campus Center gives these dynamic conversations a home, reflecting the heart of our core values, and allowing us to grow as a community.

Jessica Levenstein, Ph.D.

Head of Upper Division

The School has constructed a swimming pool facility behind Prettyman Hall that supports physical education instruction for students in grades N-12 and incorporates all the requirements for athletic competition. Swimming is a lifelong sport, and one that is a fundamental part of the HM experience.

New Swimming Pool Highlights

  • The new pool has eight, 25-yard regulation lanes, an extra-large pool deck to accommodate both young and old students as well as academic programming, state of the art filtration and starting blocks, and sound-dampening materials.
  • With one third of the floor capable of going from nine feet to just under an inch, we have dramatically expanded our N-12 education offerings to include stand-up paddle boarding, BOGA yoga, snorkeling, and synchronized swimming.
  • Energy-saving systems supply heating, cooling, and proper ventilation.
  • The Pool also serves our:
    • Science curriculum through the study of waves and weightlessness, the study of stream erosion, the study of forces, and the study of pollution as it pertains to bodies of water.
    • Health and wellness programs through swim lessons, regular access to the pool for student directed exercise routines, and an array of activities including but not limited to strength and conditioning in the shallow end of the pool and the rehabilitation of athletic injuries

The addition of this state-of-the-art swimming pool affords all of our students countless opportunities to expand their horizons both as learners and as athletes. Whether in science class or during water polo practice, HM students will create lasting memories, develop meaningful friendships, and learn important lessons in the new aquatic center.

Thatcher Woodley

Aquatics Director

All students on the Bronx campus benefit from the long overdue refurbishment of Prettyman Hall. This project maintained one of our school’s historic structures while increasing its capacity to serve the needs of students, faculty members, coaches, and spectators. Prettyman Hall serves as an important epicenter on campus, and this new design better supports the constant stream of activity it receives, while encouraging a focus on wellness and physical activity.

Prettyman Gymnasium Renovation Highlights

  • Prettyman Hall features updated gymnasiums and spectator seats, a new multi-purpose room, team meeting and classroom space, and upgraded locker room.
  • The removal of the old swimming pool has created space for an inspiring new fitness center complete with state of the art cardiovascular and strength training equipment. The new fitness center is open throughout the school day, allowing students to practice self-care when it is most convenient for them.
  • An enhanced reconditioning trainer’s suite included in the fitness center allows the trainers to have increased interactions with student athletes.
  • The aerobics studio overlooks the fitness center, providing space for yoga and spin classes.
  • A new heating and cooling system provides energy-efficient comfort.

Prettyman serves as an integral part of the HM student experience. Through physical education and athletics, students learn important values that enhance their academic development.

Robert Annunziata

Director of Athletics, Health & Physical Education, Director of Summer Programs