Dear Friends,

While nothing matches the excitement of seeing students excel in the classroom, on the stage, or as members of one of our many athletics teams, the success of HM in Motion, thus far, is a humbling close second. With over $90 million already committed toward our goal of $100 million, we are hopeful that the parents, alumni, and friends of Horace Mann School will succeed in raising the remaining $10 million necessary to fully fund our ambitious plans.

As one of the top independent schools in the nation, it is and always has been the School’s ability to offer an educational experience relevant to the needs of the world that today’s students will inherit tomorrow. Since Horace Mann School’s inception in 1887, previous capital improvements and purchases have given us our Nursery and Lower Divisions, and state-of-the-art environmental education facility in our John Dorr Nature Laboratory in Connecticut. Other such initiatives have enhanced our students’ daily encounters with a liberal arts education honed in over 130 years of teaching some of the most capable young minds, as well as visual arts, music, dance, film, and theater experiences worthy of even the most highly specialized high schools in the nation. As thought leaders focused on action-oriented solutions, today’s students need the academic and social spaces to more aggressively explore the possibilities of a better society found in what the sciences have to offer, coupled with the importance of having the interpersonal skills and stamina to work collaboratively within increasingly diverse and global partnerships.

We hope that you share in our tremendous excitement about the future of Horace Mann School as we continue our ambitious plan to expand and enhance our facilities. HM in Motion is aimed at inspiring, encouraging, promoting and strengthening our students, our school, and our community.

With best wishes always,

Michael Colacino ’75, P’22, ’22
Chair, Board of Trustees
And on behalf of the members
of the Board of Trustees

Thomas M. Kelly, Ph.D., P’18
Head of School
And on behalf of the members
of the Administrative Council

Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs

Michael Colacino ’75, P’22, P’22
Chair, Board of Trustees

Howard Lutnick P’14, P’16, P’19, P’24

Dr. Thomas M. Kelly P’18
Head of School

Campaign Co-Chairs

Matthew Mark ’90, P’20, P’22, P’25

Carolyn Okin P’14, P’15, P’18

Michael Pruzan ’83, P’24, P’25

Campaign Ambassadors

Stephen Mong, Chair P’21, P’25

Bridget and Michael Capasso ’90, P’27, P’29, P’31, P’33

Natasha and Marc Cornstein ’88, P’24

Michele and Drew Figdor P’17, P’18, P’25

Catherine Wallace ’87 and Ian Wallace P’22, P’24

Campaign Cabinet

Glenn August P’16, P’21, P’27

Natalie Barth P’23

Dan Benton P’24, P’29

Page Bondor ’86, P’18, P’23

Ray Chan ’91 P’23, P’25

Robin Dracos P’16, P’22

Brian Eizenstat P’25, P’28, P’ 32

Larry Graham

Ashley Grant P’22, P’22, P’24

Jonathan Harris P’25, P’29

Marjorie Kuhn P’03, P’05, P’09

Ruchi Kumar P’22

Monica Mandelli P’24, P’28, P’28

Renee Chang-Marquardt and
Andrew Marquardt ’93, P’23, P’25

Carly and Dan Rosenberg ’92,
P’24, P’27, P’30

Mariko Zeitlin P’15, P’17, P’22, P’29